Heroes Rise: Heavydirtysoul

Bruce kills Alfred and Ra's promises that they will meet again. Meanwhile, Jim and Harvey make a desperate trade with Edward to get what they need for the antidote, and Butch and Tabitha turn against Barbara.



By Gadfly on Jun 6, 2017

Bruce stares at Alfred and remembers what Ra's told him. Shocked, he pulls out the sword and goes to Alfred's corpse, sobbing. Ra's laughs and says that Bruce has broken through his conditioning. Bruce yells that Ra's will never be his heir, but Ra's speaks from the shadows, saying that the prophecy is foretold and Bruce will serve as his knight in the darkness. Ra's tells him to use the waters and their time will come, and he disappears into the shadows. Bruce goes to the pool and scoops out a…

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Episode Discussion

wildandwild posted 11 months ago

This show has really been improving as it goes on it. It's pretty damn compelling now.

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