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A Dark Knight: Pax Penguina

Oswald controls Gotham by handing out licenses to criminals and lowering the crime rate. Meanwhile, Bruce continues his field training by preying on criminals, and Harvey tells Jim in no uncertain terms to let the licensed criminals go free. And a new gang tries to undermine Oswald by breaking Jonathan Crane out of Arkham and using his father's fear gas formula.

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By Gadfly on Sep 22, 2017

Bruce stands atop a rooftop overlooking Gotham. He hears two muggers draw guns on a couple, puts on his mask, and jumps down. Bruce tells the muggers that they have one chance to walk away. When they try to shoot him, he takes them down. One of them insists that he has a license, and Bruce takes the license from him. It's a License of Misconduct, with an umbrella stamped on it. Bruce hears a fluttering noise overhead, pulls up his mask, and walks away. Up above, Ra's watches from the shadows.…

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oldmanyama65 posted a year ago

how do i watch the show no player?

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