The Rooters of All Evil

Meet the Rooters, the Black Ops wing of the Plumbers from the Null Void. They're hybrid aliens, with unique abilities and when they head to the Plumbers' Base, they're looking for Kevin for his property-absorbing powers. Ben sneaks out to get Kevin, who claims to not know the Rooters, but after a run in with them Kevin bumps heads with their leader, Proctor Servantis, he begins to recollect hidden memories. By the time they reach Plumber HQ Kevin remembers that he, Helen Wheels, Pierce Wheels, Manny Armstrong and Alan Albright used to be Rooters and Kevin was responsible for their powers, as well as the other Rooters. He also discovers that Max never had a parter named Devin Levin and the Plumbers Helpers are not Plumbers children. After a fight with the Rooters, Kevin sneaks away to Argit Enterprises to reveal to Argit their hidden past.

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