Ben 10: Omniverse - Episode List

Season 8 The Time War

10Nov 14, 2014A New Dawn
9Nov 13, 2014The End of an Era
8Nov 12, 2014The Most Dangerous Game Show
7Nov 11, 2014Malgax Attacks
6Nov 10, 2014Final Countdown
5Nov 7, 2014Third Time's a Charm
4Nov 6, 2014The Secret of Dos Santos
3Nov 5, 2014Let's Do the Time War Again
2Nov 4, 2014Stuck on You
1Nov 3, 2014From Hedorium to Eternity

Season 7 The Mad Nightmare

10Oct 31, 2014It's a Mad, Mad, Mad Ben World (2)
9Oct 30, 2014It's a Mad, Mad, Mad Ben World (1)
8Oct 29, 2014Vreedlemania
7Oct 28, 2014The Color of Monkey
6Oct 27, 2014Breakpoint
5Oct 24, 2014Fight at the Museum
4Oct 23, 2014The Ballad of Mr. Baumann
3Oct 22, 2014Charm School
2Oct 21, 2014Rook Tales
1Oct 20, 2014Clyde 5

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