Burgled gas meters; the sudden death of a pretty young Secretarial student; and a string of Post Office robberies threaten to mask the solution to a pair of violent murders, as DC ENDEAVOUR MORSE and DI THURSDAY's newly forged relationship is tested to breaking point.
When a young Secretarial student, MARGARET BELL, dies suddenly at home, ENDEAVOUR senses there is more to the case than the preliminary medical verdict of 'heart attack'. Now working out of Cowley Police station, ENDEAVOUR has unofficially assumed the role of 'bagman' to DI FRED THURSDAY.
However, newly arrived Superintendent BRIGHT has other ideas, and when a respectable GP is found shot dead in a public lavatory, ENDEAVOUR's outlandish theories soon see him relegated to General Duties.
Humiliated and humbled, Endeavour has to investigate from the sidelines. Through a puzzling haze of deceit
and misdirection, involving an Oxford physicist who worked on the atomic bomb, and the fate of a vulnerable single mother, Endeavour is forced to question Thursday's orders and risk his career to avert a family tragedy.