No Place Like Home

It's ten years since Mitch died and the sterility gas was unleashed. Abe, now a doctor, is trying to find a cure. Meanwhile, Jackson and his new girlfriend Tessa rescue refugees in Portland, Logan is a NYPD detective, and Jamie is trying to track down the Shepherd's leader before he unleashes a greater cataclysm. Meanwhile, an IADG team finds Mitch in an abandoned Russian lab.

Guest Cast


By Gadfly on Jun 30, 2017

While the world tries to solve the sterility problem, hybrids land on the U.S. West Coast. A massive barrier is built to stop them. In Portland, Jackson moves through the Portland hybrid zone. He clears the area for his team to bring the escapees through. Two lions approach and Jackson uses a remote sonic device to stop them. He then orders the lions, Pedro and Sampson, to attack the incoming hybrids while evacuating the refugees. In Ann Arbor, Clementine meets Abe and Daniela at their hom…

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