Finish Line

Savitar kills one of the team, and then comes up with a new plan to become a god… and Barry must come up with a way to stop him.


Guest Cast


By Gadfly on May 24, 2017

Flash holds Iris' body in his arms. On the nearby rooftops, Joe drops his gun and sits down, crying. H.R. runs up and aims the gun, but Savitar. He realizes that Iris is dead. "Iris" suddenly gasps and turns off the transmorgifier, revealing that it's H.R. On the rooftop, "H.R." removes his hat and calls Joe "Dad". She turns off the transmorgifier that H.R. gave her and father and daughter hug. Iris explains that H.R. took he place. Earlier, H.R. goes to Savitar's lab and frees Iris. Futur…

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Episode Discussion

DKaluzny posted 6 months ago

That episode was great and sad

JCuervo_a posted 6 months ago

What a weak finale to a weak season.

LeonKennedy posted 6 months ago

What an emotional episode!! :(

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