I Now Pronounce You...

Lois and Clark's wedding is only few days away and Lois worries that something bad will happen. While they are trying to make everything work, Lois asks Perry to give them a story so she can get her mind away for a while. Perry gives them a story about some frogs that have been stolen from a pet shop but as it is revealed soon, this is not just a frog robbery. Their investigation leads them to discover that a scientist named Mamba (Tony Curtis), who used to work for Lex Luthor, replaced the President of the US (Fred Willard) and one of his Secret Service agent with frog-eating clones that he has created. Lois and Clark solve the mystery and Mamba, along with the clones, get arrested while Lex escapes from prison after an official pardon that was written by the president clone. Lois and Clark get married but at the end of the episode it is revealed that the Lois who is with Clark is also a clone. It is not revealed if the real Lois was replaced before or after the wedding.

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