Cameron's father James, in prison for fraud, is accused of murdering a guard. James claims that the guard attacked him without provocation, and Maggie authorizes a stitch to find out the truth. Meanwhile, Cameron lets slip to Maggie that Jacqueline is still alive, and Camille has relationship issues with Amanda.



By Gadfly on Jul 11, 2017

A young Cameron is in his bed when his father James comes in and invites him to see some movies. Young Cameron explains that a friend wanted to come over but Cameron's mother wouldn't let him. The boy asks James to let him come over, and James points out that Cameron had heart surgery and he has to take it easy. Cameron wonders how long he has to wit, and James promises him that things will be great someday. ------ Cameron waits at the prison to meet with James, but he doesn't show up. As…

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