The Gremlin and the Fixer

An engineer is shot and killed, his body found in a Mars simulation chamber at the company where he worked. The team soon learns that the engineer competed in an underground fight club... and Cameron puts his life on the line to follow the trail and compete.


Guest Cast


By Gadfly on Jul 18, 2017

At the house, Kristen goes to Camille's bedroom and confirms that she's alone. Camille apologizes for snapping at Kristen the day before, and Kristen says that Cameron betrayed her to Maggie. She says that she didn't tell Camille to protect her, and Maggie had her mother moved. Camille tells Kirsten to put the screws to Maggie to find out where her mother was moved, and Kristen asks where Amanda is. Depressed, Camille covers herself over with the blanket. At Cameron's apartment, Linus and Cam…

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