About a Girl

The Orville crew is divided between cultures when Bortus and Klyden debate if their newly born offspring should receive a controversial surgery.

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Myshows posted 11 months ago

Storywise, can someone chew it for me, not like I'm against it, just curious, how this particular end is more suitable for the story, than the other one? What this outcome brings to the table, then the other doesn't from a writers/creators point of view?

casper1701e posted a year ago

Even tho this episode had a sucky outcome, I actually genuinely like this show overall.

Aidan posted a year ago

Thought I was watching TNG there for a second. Great episode.

Dukewhite posted a year ago

Despite being a dumb comedy, this episode felt like a traditional piece of classic Trek sci-fi, tackling a real issue and dissecting it in new ways due to the extreme setting. If the series continues like this instead of the lamer, crasser humor of the first few episodes, I think it might actually win me over.

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