Girl of Steel

After losing Mon-El, Kara decides to give up her human life and dedicate herself full-time to being Supergirl. Meanwhile, a new menace threatens National City, and real estate mogul Morgan Edge makes a bid to buy up CatCo.


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By Gadfly on Oct 10, 2017

Kara is walking down a road in the country, imagining Mon-El with her. She turns to him and they kiss, and then she sees her mother Alura standing ahead. Kara goes to her and hugs her... …and Supergirl hovers above the city, thinking and hearing all the sounds of National City below her. She hears a siren and flies to investigate, and finds two police cars pursuing a semi. Maggie is in one of the cars and slams into the back, locking fenders with it. A merc opens fire with a machine gun, and…

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