The Barrier

Mitch figures out a way to shut down most of the beacons, and have Jackson shut down the last one. However, it may cost Jackson his life. Meanwhile, the hybrids invade the barrier complex, and Logan takes Clem and the baby to safety.



By Gadfly on Sep 22, 2017

At the Barrier, Jamie and Mitch tell Quentin that the dead man's switch should turn off the beacons. Quentin receives reports that their teams across the world are losing ground. The beacon in St. Louis hasn't turned on yet, and every hybrid west of the wall will charge the barrier if it comes on in forty-eight minutes. Dariela takes the dead man's switch. Tessa is standing watch on the wall with the IADG soldiers. Abe arrives and says that the doctors patched him up, and Tessa tells him that…

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Episode Discussion

IrvingReyes posted 3 months ago

Abigail always 100 steps ahead of every one, jackson still tries to negotiate with that Psychopath, where´s the logic here?

I fail to see what was the point of this "finale"

jerry1970 posted a year ago

Some illogical dialogues here when Jackson gets mad at Mitch for redirecting the power to the St. Louis beacon while the whole team would have chosen to do that, I'm sure. Jackson's a bit out of character these last episodes, but not enough to make it annoying. Mitch getting mad at Jamie a few episodes back was also a bit extreme for his character, glad that didn't take long.

Main thing is that this episode is supposed to be the season finale but it's an episode cliffhanger, definitely not a season cliffhanger. I can only hope they knew there was going to be a next season when they decided to end this episode like this.

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