Wayward Sisters

When Sam and Dean go missing, Jody calls in Claire. The two of them, along with Patience, Alex, Kaia, and Donna, set out to find the Winchesters in the Bad Place and free them before the portal closes. However, creatures that have come through the portal have other ideas.


By Gadfly on Jan 19, 2018

In Iowa, a man sharpens a knife. He glances over a girl--Amanda Fitzmartin--tied up and continues sharpening his knife. He then goes over, unaware that a van is approaching his house. The man, Ed, asks Amanda if she wants to hear a knock. An older man, tells him not to play with his food. Ed continues and reveals his werewolf fangs and eyes, just as they the older werewolf hear the van pull up. Someone walks up to the door and says "Delivery". Ed opens the door and the woman---Claire—tells him t…

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