Various & Sundry Villains

Two young witches use a love spell to get what they want... and they want the Black Grimoire stored at the bunker. Meanwhile, Lucifer and Castiel try to escape from Asmodeus' imprisonment, and are forced to work together.


By Gadfly on Feb 2, 2018

On I-135 just north of Wichita, Dale walks into a truck stop and greets the cashier, Marty. As he picks out some alcohol, Dale sees two young women laughing and glancing over at him. He goes over and the women greet him. One of them, Jamie Plum, casts a spell while her younger sister Jennie slips a hex bag into Dale's pocket. Dale instantly falls in love with her as his eyes briefly glow violet. Jamie flirts with him and introduces herself and her sister. She says that they're from Lebanon, and…

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