An old friend of architect Mia Nolan tells her that he's going to confess to a crime that they both commited 15 years ago. Mia is forced to silence him and then anyone who might tie her to the crime.



By Gadfly on Dec 30, 2017

A young couple, Robert and his girlfriend Mia Nolan, are partying and the next morning drive home. As they drive along the road, Robert takes his eyes off the road for a moment... and hits a bicyclist. They confirm that he's dead and Robert stops Mia from calling the police. He says that since he was drinking, they'll throw him in a cell. Robert goes to get a sleeping bag from his car, puts the body in it, and drags it to a nearby lake while Mia carries the bike. They weight the body with rocks…

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Episode Discussion

Alastor posted a year ago

The ending was good but this was a bit biring all in all.

zwixxx posted a year ago

Meh. Liked the ending but was bored for most of it so checked out.

WaspCorp posted a year ago

Crocodile or How to become a serial killer in 4

Wynn posted a year ago

Looking forward to the next round of truths.

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