Black Museum

A woman, Nish, stops at Rolo Haynes' World Famous Black Museum, and Rolo is glad to show her the technological crime oddities that he's collected.



By Gadfly on Dec 31, 2017

A woman, Nish, drives through the desert. She comes to a gas station and pulls in, but doesn't see anyone there. Nish sets up a solar panel to charge her car and realizes that she has four hours, and sees a nearby roadside attraction, Rolo Haynes' World Famous Black Museum. She goes inside and discovers the doors are locked. A sign says that tours begin at 11 am, and Nish steps aside to wait. The door opens and Rolo tells her that it could be a busy day and she's the first one there. They introd…

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Episode Discussion

Amr005 posted a year ago

This is a masterpiece!

WaspCorp posted a year ago

A worthy successor to White Christmas from Season 2 : elaborate, gleefully twisted and thought provoking, the best from Season 4 in my opinion. Besides, there are tons of winks @ past episodes.

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