Where There's a Will

McKenzie pursues a witness who could re-open Osgood's case; a murder-for-hire case involves Paros with a family friend; star-crossed lovers cross literary swords in the courtroom.

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ChrisAmon posted a year ago

Police Officer opened the door and found the stalker Linda Salerno to warned her to drop the knife. The stalker says her last words at the end to the Police Officer before stabbing her victim Gwen Taylor, "You'll have to kill me first." Did you know that the actress Anne Twomey as Gwen's stalker Linda Salerno with a knife who stalk her victim Gwen Taylor? Linda was shot in the back and killed her by the Police Officer for attempted murder to stab her victim Gwen. Gwen was unhurt. And who took the stalker Linda Salerno's body that was wrapped in the body bag on the stretcher? Dean Tarrolly as the Police Officer says to Gwen Taylor, "You have everything we need the two can go on home. Okay? Hey, Gwen." Gwen turned back to the Police Officer." Then you got to do now is forget that this ever happened." I love Sheila Kelley as the Law Intern Gwen Taylor. And Gwen is heading home safely by Daniel Morales since freeing his client Frank Osgood for a full pardon for 34 years of incarceration. L.A. Law on NBC went on hiatus and the two Co-Executive Producers John Tinker & John Marius were fired at this time. William M. Finkelstein as the Executive Producer will fix the show on L.A. Law and he's coming back after finishing for two seasons of Civil Wars on ABC. Anne Twomey is the last appearance a villainous recurring role as Gwen's stalker Linda Salerno. She serves five episodes.

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