For Good

Morgan believes that a recent attempt on his life was made by Lena. When Lena is poisoned, Kara steps in to find out who is responsible for the escalation in hosility. Meanwhile, Sam turns to Alex for help determining the cause of her blackouts.


By Gadfly on Jan 31, 2018

Kara wakes up from a nightmare of the three Worldkillers descending on her. She wakes up and goes to the DEO, and points out that the Worldkillers are still at large. Mon-El says that the Worldkillers aren’t Kryptonites and can’t be detected, and Hank and Winn agree. Winn suggests that they were genetically modified, and Kara wonders what they’ve been waiting for. Mon-El says that Kryptonite rained down on Earth and Brainiac-5 found it in the 31st century, and Hank as Winn check the meteor showe…

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