The Eighth Witch

Regina finds Zelena in San Francisco and tries to awaken her memories. Meanwhile, Henry rushes to Lucy's side and tries to wake her with true love's kiss. In the past, Drizella and Gothel capture Henry and force Regina to cast the curse.


By Gadfly on Dec 16, 2017

Jacinda calls the EMTs and goes to the hospital with the unconscious Lucy. ----- Henry shows his daughter Lucy to Hook, Jack, and Tiana. Drizella arrives and says that Roni has been "detained", and tells them that she's there to deliver a prophecy. She warns that a curse is coming, and on Lucy's eighth birthday, all of their lives will end. Hook advances on her and Henry points out that Drizella is standing on a rune etched into the dirt. It's blood magic, and Victoria arrives and says tha…

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