Zelena / Wicked Witch / Kelly

Zelena, also known as the Wicked Witch of the West, is a vile woman with a soft spot for flying monkeys, Zelena is the jealous half-sister of Queen Regina, having spent her whole life in Oz wishing she had a taste of the pampered life led by her sibling. Eventually, she went quite literally green with envy and has devoted her magical abilities to bringing Regina down, as well as anyone else who stands in her way. She proves her wicked powers by manipulating a Dark Curse that returns all the citizens of the Enchanted Forest back to the small seaside town from which they came, where she sets her carefully laid plan in motion. Ultimately, however, she is murdered in cold blood by the very man who trained her in the first place: Rumplestiltskin.


Once Upon a Time
Main cast, played by Rebecca Mader
Guest cast, played by Rebecca Mader