In Search of Lost Time

M'yrnn tries to redirect his mental processes and ends up infecting the DEO with a telepathic rage virus. Meanwhile, Lena tries to convince Sam that the latter transforms into Reign during her blackouts.


By Gadfly on Apr 24, 2018

At L-Corp, Lena checks the unconscious Sam and determines that she's transforming. She ends the sedation to test Sam, and asks her to be Sam when she wakes up. The group is playing game night at Kara's apartment, and M'yrnn is participating. Kara goes to get wine and Hank goes with her. He says that his father is handling his condition better than he is. M'yrnn describes how Hank would cheat on Mars when they played a game and Hank blamed it on an imaginary friend. Hank remembers his "friend"…

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