The Salem Witch Hunt

With Wyatt absent, Garcia accompanies Lucy and Rufus to Salem 1692 and discover that Rittenhouse is arranging the execution of Benjamin Franklin's mother. Meanwhile, Carol must balance her responsibilities to Lucy and Rittenhouse, Wyatt meets with the "new" Jessica, and Jiya tells Rufus about her visions.


By Gadfly on Apr 9, 2018

In 1692, at Salem, Massachusetts, Judge John Hathorne declares that Alice Parker is guilty of witchcraft. Alice insists that she's innocent but the judge tells her that she will be hanged as a witch. They place the noose around her neck and hang her. In the present at Gilroy's, Wyatt asks Jessica what she's doing there. She goes back to her work without responding, and finally tells Wyatt that he's ignored her texts for the last two weeks. Jessica figures that Wyatt was either on a military m…

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