Chivalry Is Dead

While Clive and Liv try to determine how a medieval LARPer died, Stacey returns to Seattle to find a stash of money... unaware that Petyon has it.


By Gadfly on Apr 24, 2018

The next morning, Peyton tells Liv that Fillmore-Grave shut down 206 Weekly and Major was the ranking officer. Liv asks her not tell Major or Ravi about the human smuggling, and Peyton says that she respects Liv's decisions and wants to be a part of it. Her friend refuses to let her risk her life, and Peyton points out that Liv is. Liv gets a call and says that she has to leave, and tells Peyton that they need resources. Once she goes, Peyton gets an idea. In prison, Peyton meets an imprisone…

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