Anything Pierce Can Do I Can Do Better

Both Lucifer and Marcus try to get together with Chloe, while Maze is furious that Marcus has called off their deal to frame Lucifer for Marcus' murder. Meanwhile, the partners investigate the death of a ballerina who was strangled with a slipper tie.


By Gadfly on Apr 24, 2018

A ballerina goes onto a stage and dances by herself. As she finishes, someone garrotes her from behind. Lucifer asks Marcus how he got rid of the mark, and Marcus says that his plan to get Chloe to fall for him worked. He figures that Chloe's love makes them both vulnerable, Lucifer doesn't believe it, and Marcus says that he stopped her from saying that she loved him but it was too late. The Fallen Angel figures that God took away the mark to screw with Marcus, and offers to kill Marcus with…

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