A Devil of My Word

Lucifer, Chloe, and Dan soon realize that Marcus killed Charlotte, and join forces to find evidence that will put him away.


By Gadfly on May 15, 2018

The next day, Lucifer and Chloe watch as the EMTs take Charlotte's body away. Lucifer says that eventually Chloe will see Charlotte in Heaven but he can't follow her. Chloe assures Lucifer that she's there for him and says that Dan is throwing himself into the investigation but there are no witnesses or cameras. They ask a distraught Ella if she has anything, and she says that she has nothing. Ella wonders who would kill Charlotte. Marcus tells everyone to continue the investigation except Dan,…

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Episode Discussion

SilverSurfer posted 6 months ago

Sad this may be the end. The CW has said it has not held any talks and has no interest. The list of white knights is getting shorter.

Lucifer actor Tom Ellis on saving the show - BBC Newsnight (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ilY5WhyrejI)

shevanje030 posted 6 months ago

still praying to Lucy's dear old dad, to put a word to his Holywood "friends" and give us another awesome season

Fingers crossed

teros posted 6 months ago

Amazing series! Very well written and executed, every episode was right up there. I do believe that 3 seasons were too few. It surely deserved a couple more.

JuanArango posted 6 months ago

Thank you Mr Morningstar for three years of excellent entertainment.

Dr.Acula posted 7 months ago


Hope some other company pick this up.

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