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I like to watch TV ... probably too much. I also enjoy talking about it, also probably too much. I don't Tweet or Facebook or any other stuff like that. I previously posted alot on TVbytheNumbers as FakeMeOut but after a move and PC crash I fell off the map for awhile. TVbtN is no longer what it once was so I'll nest here for awhile.

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Episode 084

@tvjjbj12 wrote:
Thanks for the hard work checking that out. Changing news events make tracking accuracy difficult. Let when I can help with something.

NP. Right now schedules are almost out the window weekends and late at night.

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May 31, 2020

This show MAY have begun at an earlier time. My PVR works by title and did not record CNN from 8pm till I popped in about 10:30pm. Current events overtake schedules rapidly in these times.

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