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I like to watch TV ... probably too much. I also enjoy talking about it, also probably too much. I don't Tweet or Facebook or any other stuff like that. I previously posted alot on TVbytheNumbers as FakeMeOut but after a move and PC crash I fell off the map for awhile. TVbtN is no longer what it once was so I'll nest here for awhile.

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The TVMaze 1st Annual Christmas Review (Cartoon Network Edition) Article

The TVMaze 1st Annual Christmas Review (Cartoon Network Edition)

Thanks for the article and the trip down memory lane!

| men were men, and sheep were nervous

Passer by: There's a pervert in the field doing stuff to your sheep!

Kid at farmhouse door: That's no pervert, that's my daaaaaaaaaaaaaad.

Seasons best, SilverSanta

Dick Grayson Episode

Dick Grayson

Worst episode of the series. Sad, weak effort. 5/10

The Slabside Redemption Episode

The Slabside Redemption

By far the most annoying episode of the whole season!! How many deaths, again, lie at the feet of Oliver at his gang because they don't do what needs to be done when they have the chance. I'm so happy they can feel good about themselves for doing "the right thing" while others are brutally butchered as a direct result of their doing "the right thing". Of course the killer bares the brunt of the responsibility but there is blood, and lots of it, on the hands of those who let it happen. 6/10


Andrew Gillum

Watched the 47 minute extended edition. Great interview w/Gillum.