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My Aim is True

When a series of drive-by murders occur after six wrongly convicted men are released from prison, Danny and Baez wonder if they were orchestrated by the men as an act of revenge. Also, Frank combats the guilt he feels about these innocent men unfairly serving nine years in prison, and Jamie and Eddie find themselves in a life-threatening situation.

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Episode Discussion

LeonKennedy posted a year ago

This episode made my day! I'm glad that both of them are together now! <3

casper1701e posted a year ago

Good ep but I don't blame Frank for his reaction to Jaimie's news about him and Eddie...way too much adrenaline going on there to make such a huge decision as marriage. Big mistake in my opinion, as well as, apparently, Frank's. I agree the attraction between them was there for a very long time, but they really didn't act on it till she saved his life, so...well, you do the math.

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