Year Zero

Two months after Gotham is cut off from the outside world, Jim and his men are trying to hold the precinct house; Oswald has secured City Hall; Barbara and Tabitha have opened up the Sirens' Club to women; Riddler is dealing with a split personality; and Selina undergoes an operation to save her life but will be paralyzed for life.



By Gadfly on Jan 4, 2019

Day 391 in "No Man's Land" In his apartment Riddler looks at himself in the mirror, puts an Ace card in his pocket, picks up a submachinegun, and leaves. Oswald has his attendants put on his makeup and glasses…z and gun. At a bar, Harvey drinks and contemplates his shotgun. Jim puts on his badge, picks up a gun, and leaves his office. All four men come together and go to the GCPD officers waiting on the barricade. Jim tells them to fire on his command for Gotham, and they open fir…

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