When Jack apparently goes rogue, Oversight approaches Mac at his new home in Nigeria and asks him to come back to bring in his friend.


By Gadfly on Sep 29, 2018

In a village in Nigeria, Solomon and the village children pull Mac out of a well. Once he's out, Mac calls the children over and starts up a machine that pumps water from the well into a nearby trough. Everybody come over, and Solomon thanks Mac. Mac thanks him for giving him a home and a purpose. A helicopter flies up and lands. Oversight gets out and tells Mac that they need to talk because Jack is in trouble. Father and son go inside and Oversight shows Mac photos of Jack with a group of m…

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casper1701e posted 2 months ago

Eight stars only for Jack...grow up Angus! First time ever I've been so disappointed in you...quit acting like a complete bratty jerk about your father...he's the only one you have.

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