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Donkey Patrol

Rita and Larry leave Cliff to find out what caused the destruction of Cloverton and the disappearance of Niles. However, Vic Stone--aka Cyborg--soon arrives with the flatulent donkey. They're sucked into the mystery and discover that Nobody is responsible.

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By Gadfly on Feb 25, 2019

The Doom Patrol watch as Cloverton is sucked into the void that Mr. Nobody created. A cockroach declares that the reckoning is upon them and then gets sucked in. In the bus, Mr. Nobody breaks the fourth wall and tells Niles that he's slipped through his fingers for the last time. The school bus is dragged toward the void, and one of Jane's personas stops it with super-strength. It flies over her and enters the void, and Jane jumps in despite Cliff's protestations. After a moment the void d…

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