Dick Grayson

Dick has a family in California and a perfect life. But a crippled Jason Todd calls him back to Gotham to deal with a Batman who has snapped from one loss too many.



By Gadfly on Dec 22, 2018

In California, Dick is relaxing in a pool. His son Johnny jumps in, knocking Dick off of his pool float, and Dick chases Johnny out of the pool jokingly saying that he's going to pay for it. They run into the house where a pregnant Dawn is checking paint swatches for the nursery, and Dick kisses his wife. He says that she should let him help her move the furniture and she still has a month to go, and with a not-so-subtle hint from Dawn Dick suggests that he help get the room set up. The Skype…

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Episode Discussion

RobertQuilter posted 10 months ago

The actual story within a story is one of the best DC tv storylines ive ever read/seen....including comics..

Totally amazing/enjoyable.

SilverSurfer posted 10 months ago

Worst episode of the series. Sad, weak effort. 5/10

CodyCavanaugh posted 10 months ago

Total fanservice but I loved it.

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