Episode 4

1944 – In the wake of Harry's discovery of the letter Eve decides to leave the farm but a plaintive plea from Pip persuades her to stay. Lucy's death is haunting them all and life at Lightfields is becoming increasingly painful. Martha can see that Albert's grief for Lucy is eating him up inside and she wants them to move but Albert has a plan of his own. Eve finds Albert at the hay barn one evening and he makes a terrible confession. He needs Lucy's forgiveness if he is going to be able to carry on.

1975 –Vivien is increasingly preoccupied with the unexplained goings on in the house. She is beginning to fear that Lucy is out to get her. She learns from Tom that Lucy died in a fire and Vivien begins to wonder if she had something to do with it. Clare is frightened and wants them to leave Lightfields and go home but Vivien knows she needs to stay. Vivien needs to find out what she has blocked out for all these years and that night a visit from Lucy lets Vivien know that the time has come.

2012 – Paul is fast unravelling and anxiety is high at Lightfields - the custody battle is taking its toll on them all. Increasingly aware of Lucy's influence on Luke Pip makes him promise to tell him if she comes to see him again. One night, true to his promise, Luke wakes Pip to tell him that Lucy is there. Pip, after all these years, is forced to face his past. Knowing he can't manage this alone any longer he tells Barry and Lorna about Lucy; that she died at Lightfields and is still here. He tells them they can't let Luke out of their sight.

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