Episode 5

1944 – With the harvest in the Felwoods decide that the time has come for them to move on. Lightfields holds too many memories of Lucy; memories they believe they need to forget. Dwight is close to breaking point and looks to unburden himself of the truth about what happened that night with Lucy but it seems his confession may have come too late. Meanwhile Harry and Eve come to the realisation that they need to put the events of the summer in their past in order to make the most of the time they have left together before Harry has to leave to fight in the war.

1975 – Recent spooky events have forced Vivien to make a decision and she tells Clare that the time has come for them to go home. But while Clare is at the beach saying her goodbyes to Nick it becomes clear that Vivien hasn't been totally honest with her daughter. Clare realises something is up but when she gets back to the house and finds her mother gone. With the help of Tom she races against time to find Vivien, who alone and vulnerable, is on the verge, after all these years, of remembering what she did that fateful night.

2012 – When Luke goes missing at the farm they believe that Pip was right and that Lucy has taken him. But Lucy is not the only danger to Luke; Paul is unravelling and looks ready to resort to drastic measures to see his son. While they frantically search for Luke a B&B guest arrives at Ligthfields. The guest turns out to be someone from Pip's past. Finally, after all these years, it is time for the truth about what happened that night to be told.

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