Spitfire Mustang

This unique documentary film tells the amazing story of the two most famous fighters in World War II.

The Spitfire became a symbol of British strength, hope and defiance during WWII and came to symbolise British victory. Let this remarkable film tell the Spitfire story, a tale of human endeavour and ingenuity; becoming the much-loved aircraft of the British nation and RAF. It was considered to be the most effective fighter during the Battle of Britain.

The Mustang was unquestionably the finest of all the USAF fighters. This wonderful aircraft has been used in various theatres of war, always trusted as an escort or fighter by its devoted pilots and crew. The Mustangs maneuverability, speed and range enabled it to penetrate deep into enemy territory therefore earning the title as probably the best all round single piston engine fighter to be deployed by any of the combatants in WWII.

Robert Powell narrates this remarkable often-courageous tale of the two greatest fighters of World War II. An action quality film capturing these war birds in all their splendour.

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