Super Jet Age

A new breed of machine, a new breed of pilot. This was the dawning of the jet age, man was about to travel faster and further than ever before.

The RAF and USAF after the Second World War needed a new generation of advanced aeroplanes to replace aircraft that served so well in WWII. America was going to put that new jet technology to the ultimate test within new theatres of war.

This documentary film describes to you the development of the jet engine right up to the sophisticated post jet fighters. Never before has there been a DVD giving so much information on so many military aircraft showing you the technical aspects, payloads and their various specifications.

Also featured are the Gloster and Messerschmitt the first of the jet powered planes, plus In-depth footage and comprehensive information on the other jets of the last 50 years as well as the Tornado, the F1-17A Stealth Fighter, the Lockheed Blackstar to the doomed Valkerie and the part they play in the many conflicts of the modern world.

We must remember that despite today's technology, the essential nature and spirit of the men who fly these Super Jet planes differs very little from the past generation of aviation heroes.

Presented by Shane Rimmer.

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