Bunker Hill

Manchester learns Agent Liberty's secret identity and goes to obtain vengeance for Fiona's death. Nia has a prophetic dream, and Kara and Brainiac-5 help her to avoid the future that she has foreseen.



By Gadfly on Dec 3, 2018

Nia wakes up in her apartment and goes to turn off the TV. She turns and sees Agent Liberty, and a man pointing a gun at a woman and shooting her. Nia wakes up and her roommate says that she looked weird, and Nia complains that her roommate wasn't supposed to let her go to sleep again. Kara and Hank go to Manchester's and look for something that Hank can pick up a psychic link from. He confirms that Hank had someone prisoner in the bathtub, and apologizes for convincing her to give Manchester…

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