After a malnourished and confused 9-year-old is found hiding in a storage unit, NCIS reopens an old missing persons case when the girl is believed to be the daughter of a Navy recruit who disappeared 10 years ago. Also, Bishop discovers notes that Special Agent Ziva David kept on the case long after NCIS officially stopped investigating.


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casper1701e posted 6 days ago

I can't believe Ellie knows and Gibbs doesn't? Forget the fact that she's secretly alive, the fact that Gibbs has no we are led to what boggles my mind. Excellent episode, and that little girl, Sunnie Pelant should go far...she's an amazing young actress.

cb1l187 posted 7 days ago

agree 100

HottToddy posted 8 days ago

I leave very few comments on any episode of any series. It has to have hit me like a ton of bricks & yes this one has floored me and should have been an ultimately extended blockbuster movie released in major cinemas. This episode, who ever imagined & penned this work of art, then of course the direction, production & talented cast members is w/o any doubt proof that this whole series hasn't lost one bit of its extraordinary talented staff behind its legacy 16 years of a phenomenal television series that has deserved its high ratings every single year. To come up with an episode so wonderfully written, filmed & acted so late in the series game is fantastic. In my book this series should run its total course, what ya say, another 16 years?

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