To find a device that will let them administer the meta cure to Cicada, Barry and Ralph go undercover to get it from a black market arms dealer. Meanwhile, Iris decides to go looking for Cicada on her own, and Sherloque meets a woman after his own heart.



By Gadfly on Feb 6, 2019

In the lab, Sherloque works to translate more of Nora's journal and determine who her accomplice is. Nora vibrates through a door and leaves for the future. Thawne says that Sherloque doesn't know that he's helping Nora because if he had found out, he would have told Barry. He assures Nora that he can fix it and says that Nora only has to nudge Sherloque toward his weakness: love. At Iris' office, Barry rearranges the furniture at superspeed. Iris continues working and explains that she's…

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tnt posted 16 days ago

Is it just me, or Chris Klein's acting without Cicada outfit is really that awful?

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