Star City Slayer

The Star City Slayer claims another victim, and Dinah reaches out to Captain Singh in Central City for information. William calls his grandparents, and Curtis comes to a decision about his future career.



By Gadfly on Feb 12, 2019

In a darkroom, the stalker develops photos of Laurel and Dinah. At the station, Dinah greets Nick and says that she's not heading home yet. She goes into her office and finds another threatening note on her desk. Diggle is getting his mail, and finds a note saying "You Will Suffer". Rene finds a note saying that I will kill them all, and he tells Zoe that it's just a prank. The stalker puts up another clipping of the vigilantes in Star City. Oliver, Felicity, and William have panc…

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LeonKennedy posted 6 days ago

Whoever is directing these episodes is fab! I'm starting to like this series again.

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