Those Who Cast Stones

Shion manages to determine the drones are being remotely controlled by unaware citizens playing the "Hungry Chicken" mobile game, which Akane believes to be connected to Kamui's messages. While Shion works to prevent the game from being spread any further, Akane realizes there is someone with a Dominator targeting enforcers that stray from their inspectors, learning that Kamui's true mission is to retrieve Dominators. Akane decides to pursue whoever is wielding the Dominators, managing to take out most of the drones by exploiting their weakness. When the game hacks into police drones instead, Shion and the other uses a program to hack into the game's cloud server and show all the players what they were really doing, despite Mika's objections that it would raise everyone's Crime Coefficient. Akane soon confronts Kamui, who escapes with Shisui when Akane prevents Togane from using a traditional gun against him.

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