What Color?

Akane subdues Togane before Kamui can shoot him, stating that even though she has lost many people close to her, she is still determined to protect the law. She leads Kamui to Sibyl, where they are confronted by Kasei. Asking Sibyl to reveal its true color, Kamui manages to expose Kasei/Misako Togane's Crime Coefficient and executes her. Akane leads Kamui to Sibyl's true form, where Sibyl acknowledges Kamui's existence and authorizes a collective Psycho-Pass, destroying some of its own brains to lower its own Crime Coefficient, before Akane arrests Kamui. Meanwhile, Shisui, pushed into a corner, attempts to set off the bombs but is stopped just in time by a long range paralyzer shot. Akane is instructed by Sybil to execute Kamui, and is once again confronted by Togane, who taunts her with Aoi's death to raise her Crime Coefficient. Kamui calms Akane down before sacrificing himself in order to shoot Togane. Togane flees, but dies from his injuries after being found by Mika, who couldn't bring herself to execute him and keeps the secret of her betrayal to herself.

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