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Ezekiel Patrol

After Niles' revelation, the team goes its separate ways. However, circumstances bring them back together when Nobody, Ezekiel, and Whiskers join forces as the Brotherhood of Dangerous Animals.

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By Gadfly on May 25, 2019

In White Space, Niles says that he needed the team to obtain the immortality they have. He apologizes, and Jane says that he lied to all of them. She leaps at Niles, and Nobody freezes the scene except for Niles. Niles asks Nobody to let them go, and Nobody says that it was all about getting Niles. He sends them away and says that Niles is one that destroyed them just like he destroyed Nobody's human life. Niles wonders what's now, and Niles says that the world is an oyster for him but Niles' fu…

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Episode Discussion

FlyingTigerComx posted a year ago

5 episodes worth of content spread over 15 episodes, with incredibly poor plotting, for a payoff everyone saw coming and which was basically not very good. Sooooo dragged out, it became a chore to watch.

Harnas posted a year ago

Fantastic,wonderful,extraordinary.One of my absolut favorite series this year. Glad it has become a second season.

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