Stand and Deliver

Ben proposes to end the Alien Amnesty Act and holds a rally. Alien protesters hold a peaceful march, but Manchester plans to disrupt the event using stolen Kryptonian technology... and reveal J'onn's true feelings. James goes to the rally to cover events as a photographer.



By Gadfly on Mar 11, 2019

Manchester, Menagerie, Hat, and the Morae leave a bar and Hat says that once they take down Ben, they should get back to the real task at hand. Manchester insists that it is the real task at hand. As the others leave on their appointed task, Menagerie goes after a passing woman to feed. They go into a parking garage, and Supergirl and Dreamer confront Menagerie. J'onn arrives and blocks Menagerie's symbeast, and demands to know where the others are. She refuses to tell them, and J'onn angrily de…

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