Mother's Mercy

Cersei seeks forgiveness; Jon faces a new challenge; Arya plots to cross a name off her list; Tyrion sees a familiar face; and Daenerys finds herself surrounded by strangers.


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tintagel_celt posted 7 months ago

I've rarely felt so emotionally spent by a television program, but it IS "Game of Thrones", and I did expect a bit of a roller-coaster ride, but words fail to describe what Martin & Company did with this mother of all multiple cliffhangers. I also expected several changes from "Dances With Dragons"; however, enough is enough already! I do re-watch the show, just as I re-read the books, and I want GOT to go on forever, but I do want some resolution before Peter Dinklage becomes an old greybeard and Maisie Williams blossoms into womanhood. The dragons are ready, folks, so giddy-up & go burn the stench out of King's Landing (but PLEASE don't make us watch sweet little girls burn alive again, okay?)!!!

PrivateSniper posted 11 months ago

Not many epsiodes have caused as much rage or speculation as this one, that ending tho... omg!

cairns1986 posted a year ago

Still reeling from this final episode, John. :(

Maxd posted a year ago

Just a reminder for what we knew all along: it's hard to be a Stark unless you are Tony.

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