Red Dawn

Supergirl and Alex go after Red Daughter, while Lena and James hunt down Ben. Brainiac-5, J'onn, and Dreamer attempt to rescue the alien prisoners, but two of them are captured and one of them is "rebooted".



By Gadfly on May 13, 2019

Midvale, 2007 A young Kara and Alex are discussing Kara going off to college as they hike. As they come to a cliff edge, a blast knocks them off into the water below... Alex wakes up from her dream and Kelly asks if she's okay. She describes her dream to Kelly, who says that the adoption falling through can cause physical and psychological changes. Alex says that the last time she felt that way was at a security sweep at the DEO, and figures that it has something to do with Kara. Brainiac-…

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