The Quest for Peace

Lex's plan reaches fruition: Red Daughter has defeated Supergirl, Lex has defeated the Kaznians and then Red Daughter. Now only one thing can stop him: the power of the Fourth Estate.



By Gadfly on May 20, 2019

24 Hours Earlier, DC Kara escapes from Red Daughter, and Red Daughter reports to Lex what happened. Lex assures her that she didn't fail him and figures however that Supergirl's weakness is her heart. He tells Red Daughter to get Eliza and finish what they started. Amertek Energy Refinery, Six Hours Earlier Lex and Eve seal an alien in a chamber and drain his powers, transferring them to a gauntlet. He blasts a guard to test the weapon, and Eve tells him that Ben killed Otis. As Eve goe…

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