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The Other Thing

Sarge demonstrates to Miranda the magnitude of the threat Earth faces. Marcus gets a clue to the parasites' plans in Yucatan, and Enoch betrays his best friend.



By Gadfly on Jun 15, 2019

In Tahiti, Miranda dozes on the beach. She wakes up to see Coulson smiling at her, and he says that he likes watching her sleep. The lights flicker and Miranda sees herself in a room, tied up. She wakes up from her dream and discovers that she's in Sarge's truck. Sarge explains that he sedated her, parks the truck, and Snowflake strokes Miranda's hair. He tells her to keep her mission simple, and that Snowflake is all that he's got with Paco and Jax captured. Sarge wishes her happy hunting an…

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Episode Discussion

Zlogorek posted a year ago

⠀ — What do you remember about Tahiti?

⠀ — It's a magical place.


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