Chapter 23

Time demons enter real time through a gap created by Switch's powers. As the demons eat time, David meets his mother; Syd share a drink with her teenage self; Farouk, Clark, and Kerry battle the demons in their nest; Cary rescues Switch; and Lenny meets her future daughter.



By Gadfly on Jul 16, 2019

Ptonomy gets his mustache trimmed, and Kerry asks if he remembers "fun". She says that she misses Kerry, and wonders if Ptonomy misses anyone. Kerry complains that they're all like grown-ups, and figures that Ptonomy doesn't understand. Ptonomy chokes and then says that his narrative is compromised. The Vermilions around him twitch and time alters, and Kerry finds herself cradling Ptonomy in her arms. He wonders what they did to his mustache and dies. Kerry finds herself in Syd's room, and do…

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