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America's Lost WWII Hero

Josh Gates explores the case of lost World War II hero Gertrude "Tommy" Tompkins of the Women Air Force Service Pilots, who went missing when her P-51 Mustang crashed. Josh joins search teams using cutting-edge technology to bring the lost hero home.

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Episode Discussion

LLJones posted 10 months ago

Josh definitely made these women feel important but in my opinion did not do enough for Tommy. I can't help but feel after watching that if they tried harder for a few more days they could have found it, felt like they were in the right area. I know it's just a TV show though so he cares but kind of doesn't too. The close but disposable nature of it kind of leaves a sour taste. It's as if a disclaimer should be at the start of the show telling you they don't find it but please watch and see what we do find might make me feel less cheated.

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